At Spring Creek Assembly MDO, we are here to teach children about Jesus and love them as He loves them.  As well, we spend time teaching our students their ABC’s and 123’s. Our teachers will help their class to develop mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially with age appropriate activities and guidance.


Schedule: Monday - Wednesday - Friday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (during the school year)

Tuition: $225/month

Available for ages 6 months to Pre-K


Class sizes are limited so that each child receives the love & nurturing they need.

Calendar at a Glance

1st Day of Summer

June 7, 2021

Last Day of Summer

July 30, 2021

Closed for Break

August 2, 2021 – August 20, 2021

1st Day of Fall Semester

August 23, 2021

Contact Us

If you would like more information, you can call our church office at (405) 341-5200. Our church office is open Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Rest Time

All children in our program will be given a rest time following lunch. Children are not required to go to sleep, but they will need to be quiet for a while to rest their bodies from the day’s activities. Children must bring something to rest on. Most parents leave these at the facility. I’ve attached some examples of rest mats here and here

Diapers and Wipes

You are welcome to leave diapers and wipes at the center and the teacher will tell you when we are low. Or you are welcome to pack enough for the day in a backpack or diaper bag and take them with you at the end of each day. We have many parents who like both options. This mainly depends on your personal drop-off/pick-up routine.

Bottles and formula/breast milk

For the first couple of weeks, please pack more than you assume your child will need. It is stressful for your baby if they are needing comfort and dont have it. The teacher will let you know when you are running low. You are welcome to fill bottles at home with water and bring them, or leave filtered water up at the center if that makes life more convenient for you.

Extra Clothes

Bring 2 sets of clothes for us to change your child into. Even the older children can spill water on themselves, get messy, and need to change for a variety of other reasons. Attempt to keep clothes size and season-appropriate. You are welcome to leave these at the center or you can leave them in a diaper bag or backpack. If they are left at the center, we will return them over large breaks to change them out for a different season.

What to make for lunch:


Of course we do! One consistent question we always get is that moms need lunch ideas! We can help! Keep in mind, your child will probably eat more with us than they do at home. Also, they may be more willing to try new foods with us than they will at home.


Cooked Pasta with butter, Grilled cheese, Cheese quesadilla, Sausage, Mini Corndogs, Pizza Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Waffles, Pancakes, Eggs, Taquitos



Bananas, Apples/applesauce, Berries, Oranges, Yogurt, Raisins, Carrots, Avocado, Green Beans



Teddy Grahams, Cheese, Crackers, Veggie Straws, Saltine Crackers, Pretzels, Muffin/Bagel